St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy




"Our son had developed a lot of muscles, but not the academic or self-discipline muscle. We chose St. John's Northwestern Military Academy for a variety of good reasons, mostly we felt confident he would develop those muscles in an environment different from his public high school or even a smaller private high school. It wasn't about what DID he DO, it was about what he WASN'T doing--living up to his potential! The decision was not easy, but it was simple. The equal attention to each pillar (Academics, Spiritual and Character Development, Athletics, and our Military Traditions) throughout each day makes for a focused, well-rounded and exceptional scholastic experience. A unique high school where HE is inspired to live up to his potential!" - Mark and Kim Miselnicky, parents of John "Justin" Miselnicky 2017

"The decision to transfer our son to St. John's Northwestern was difficult, but we have nothing but praise and gratitude! Academically, our son has transformed from a below-average student to one who is handling honor courses on the recommendation of his academic dean who saw potential when other schools did not. We've had ups and downs, but in those moments of difficulty our appreciation for St. John's Northwestern grows as each time we were worked in close partnership with a staff member, teacher, nurse, or director who helped our son just like we would at home. The environment has positively changed his attitude, self-confidence, and motivation. The military environment, beautiful campus, academic discipline, athletics, and genuine Christian love from the staff and faculty have brought out the best in our son. Our journey began when we attended the open house with our son, and recommend it as you get a genuine first impression." - Joe and Asha Varghese, parents of Jordan Varghese 2018

"Sending our son to SJNMA was the toughest and most emotional decisions we ever made. As it turned out, it was also the best decision we ever made. Our son was struggling in school and getting lost in classes of 25 to 35 students. SJNMA provided him small class sizes and the individual attention he needed. The academic standards, reinforced by no option for late assignments and mandatory study hours, took an incoming GPA of 1.7 to a 3.6 GPA in his first quarter. The structure, discipline and constant activity was just what he needed. He learned respect for himself, for others and for our country. We will be forever grateful for the staff and leadership of St. John’s Northwestern and how they improved the life of our son and our family." - Tom and Vickie Esser, parents of Parker Esser 2014

"Thank you for all that St. John's Northwestern Military Academy has done for Kevin in just one semester at school. He is turning into a young man, and a fine one at that. Almost every adult who has known Kevin growing up has commented on his personal advancement since enrolling at SJNMA. They comment on his confidence, the way he looks you in the eye, carries himself and most importantly how he has matured over the semester. The discipline and self-confidence that he has developed has made him a better person. We look forward to watching him grow under your care." - Kevin and Laura McKenna, parents of Kevin McKenna 2014 

"Trevor wasn’t doing well academically, earning B’s and C’s and the occasional D. He also didn’t turn in work on time, had no direction and certainly no focus. Respect and follow through were not exhibited qualities. SJNMA has changed Trevor 180 degrees - he has a 3.81 GPA, is actively involved and carries a great deal of pride in the Silver Rifles program. He is thriving in this environment! He has talked about several potential college choices with real direction. SJNMA has done a miraculous job with Trevor and he, in turn, has responded far better than we ever could have imagined. We are so very proud of Trevor and so thankful for the great job the leaders/teachers do at SJNMA." - Brian Ault, father of Trevor Ault 2013

"Enrolling in St. John's Northwestern was one of the best things that happened for our son. The combination of focus and discipline, a true meritocracy where doing your best really does matter, and a caring, second-to-none staff and academic faculty have created an environment in which he has flourished and succeeded. We are delighted with both the school itself and with our son, who took the opportunity in hand and ran with it." - Brian and Cindy Dearing, parents of Sam Dearing 2012

"St. John's Northwestern was a great fit because I lacked the motivation and discipline to realize my true potential. In a more structured environment with fewer distractions, I was able to focus on what was really important in my life. The Academy laid out a pathway that I chose to follow, and through hard work and dedication I was able to take the skills I gained at St. John's Northwestern and apply them in college." - Parker Phillips 2008