St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy



The Heritage Society

Our early school founders, the Reverend Sidney T. Smythe of St. John's Military Academy and Harlan Page Davidson of Northwestern Military and Naval Academy, each had a dream to make their school the best in the nation for young men. This foresight and perseverance carry on today in St. John's Northwestern Military Academy.

The Heritage Society is the Academy's premier recognition mechanism for all major current gifts and confirmed planned/estate gifts. Each fall, new members are inducted into the society for lifetime membership where they receive their Heritage Society certificates and medals. All members receive an invitation to the Annual Heritage Society Appreciation Banquet and special recognition in the Academy's Honor Roll of Donors.

Once inducted, additional giving from Heritage Society members will further advance them to higher recognition levels.

The Smythe Circle recognizes individuals who have made a major gift commitment as follows:

Level Pledge Amount Maximum Pledge Timeframe Lifetime Giving
Bronze $25,000 2 Years  
Silver $100,000 4 Years  
Gold $250,000 5 Years  
Sapphire $500,000 5 Years $500,000 or more
Ruby $750,000 5 Years $750,000 or more
Diamond $1,000,000 5 Years $1,000,000 or more
Diamond Cluster $5,000,000 5 Years $5,000,000 or more

The Davidson Circle recognizes individuals who have made a planned gift and/or estate gift commitment as follows:

Level Estimated Estate Gift
Bronze $25,000
Silver $100,000
Gold $250,000
Sapphire $500,000
Ruby $750,000
Diamond $1,000,000
Diamond Cluster $5,000,000