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For bright, motivated students, boarding schools offer opportunities and advantages that cannot be found elsewhere. A boarding school can provide a safe and structured environment, composed of well-rounded students, faculty and staff from different parts of the country, coming together in a supportive learning community. Whether a first weekend visit or the first Families Weekend, parents and guardians of cadets at St. John's Northwestern Military Academy will see a change in their children as they grow intellectually, find their voice among their peers, and develop self-confidence and character.

Boarding School Statistics
Research continues to debunk myths and stereotypes associated with the boarding school experience--boarding school students spend an average of 17 hours each week on homework, compared with nine hours reported by private school students and eight by public school students; boarding school students watch considerable less television and retain that pattern throughout life; and boarding school students enjoy more time with teachers, coaches and staff members due to smaller classroom settings, staff-chaperoned weekend outings and a family approach to the campus-life experience.

Boarding schools are also not a place for troubled youth or restricted to only a privileged few who can afford to enroll their child. Candidates applying for admission to SJNMA go through a rigorous screening process and interview; and financial aid is available to enroll students who have a genuine desire to achieve their full potential, regardless of socioeconomic background.

Communications Home
The Academy understands the importance of keeping parents and guardians informed and involved with their child's academic progress, study habits, achievements and extracurricular activities as well as important dates and special events. Various methods are utilized to communicate with parents and guardians, including:

  • The academic calendar is distributed during registration and includes key dates and times that are important to cadet life on campus, such as closed and open weekends, campus and community parades, break start and end dates, and promotion and award ceremonies.
  • The eBugle newsletter is sent via email each month during the school year to communicate timely and important information.
  • The Beacon magazine is for and about the community of St. John's Northwestern Military Academy that is published twice a year.
  • News alerts are sent via email that pertain to last-minute scheduling changes and other Academy developments.
  • Letters from the president that provide Academy-wide updates and announcements as needed.
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