St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy

Summer Academy


The summer Army JROTC program is offered as a part of the Summer OPS program. It is a full-credit class available as an elective credit, a social studies credit or physical education credit. We offer JROTC LEAD 1 and LEAD 2.

This program combines:

  • Wellness and Physical Fitness -- With an emphasis on personal and social responsibility, cadets will learn to engage in behaviors and make decisions that enhance quality of life and maximize physical potential. Additionally, cadets will participate in first aid classroom simulations to practice and strengthen first aid administration skills.
  • Cadet Safety and Marksmanship Training -- Cadets will be trained in firearm safety to gain an understanding of proper rifle operation and different firing positions. As part of the Army JROTC curriculum, cadets will also be introduced to the historic applications of marksmanship and its current use as a sport.
  • Foundations for Success -- Through the use of learning assessments, Thinking Maps® and graphic organizers, cadets will apply strategies to improve their critical thinking, study habits and communication skills while laying groundwork for a summer service learning project.
  • Leadership Theory and Application -- Cadets will have the opportunity to compare different leadership styles and approaches to planning, decision-making, problem solving, negotiation and supervision. With an emphasis on principles, values and strategies, cadets will become competent in working effectively both as a team member, leader and mentor.
  • Geography -- Using an interactive simulation program, cadets will practice land navigation skills in a virtual 3D environment to prepare for orienteering at Lapham Peak State Park. This training also includes a mission builder to allow creation of custom missions and help with hands-on protractor skills.

Army JROTC has a long and proud tradition of service to the nation through the betterment of its youth. The curriculum supports St. John's Northwestern Military Academy's mission by integrating technology, linking content to state standards, integrating reading and writing, and providing character and financial education. Army JROTC provides exceptional educational opportunities and life-long leadership and decisionmaking skills to America's youth.

The day is designed with morning sessions covering basic leadership and character development related lessons with afternoon sessions incorporating concepts learned in the morning into such activities as:

  • Climbing and Rappelling
  • Land Navigation
  • Rope Bridging
  • Marksmanship
  • Water Survival
  • Team Leadership Challenges

Continuing on the basics learned in LEAD 1, the day for LEAD 2 also is designed with morning classroom instruction and discussion covering advanced topics in leadership and character development along with lessons in communications, project management, goal setting and career exploration. Many concepts discussed during the morning session will continue into the afternoon session where they can be actively applied in planned activities. Pre-requisite for LEAD 2 is successful completion of LEAD 1.